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Fitted Wardrobe Doors – Hinged Designs in London

Transform your bedroom with hinged built in wardrobes

From Walthamstow to Wimbledon, every bedroom is unique – and so, they naturally require unique storage solutions. Fortunately, bespoke hinged fitted wardrobes can help to make the best use of your space. Our custom fitted furniture in London features a range of contemporary door styles and finishes to suit every home. No matter the dimensions or interior style, you’ll discover practical and stylish custom-hinged door wardrobes that transform your bedroom or loft! Browse our selection or download the brochure to view our full catalogue.

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Simple Yet Practical Hinged Built in Wardrobes

Bespoke hinged fitted wardrobes are a great storage solution for all rooms, from bedrooms and reception rooms to hallways and lofts. In our collection, you’ll find hinged door wardrobes for awkward spaces, alcoves and rooms with angled walls. There’s a solution for every space.

Our built-in wardrobes with hinged doors are always bespoke and made-to-measure, so you can choose a design that suits your needs perfectly. When it comes to deciding what goes into your new wardrobe, you have complete control – you can choose how many drawers, shoe shelves, accessory storage spaces, or hanging rails you would like to have.

Bring your dream room to life with custom hinged door wardrobes in London. Whether you're looking for a sleek and neutral wardrobe to add a touch of class or you want something eye-catching and unique, Metro Wardrobes is here to help. We offer custom-made hinged door wardrobes in matte, wood, and gloss finishes to suit your requirements.

Your interior style is unique, and your fitted furniture needs to reflect that. Our fitted hinged door wardrobes can be customised for your home. Whether that’s to transform an awkward loft space or to match the style of your bedroom, our team of expert designers and manufacturers will work with you to create the perfect hinged-door wardrobe for your home.


Create Hinged Fitted Wardrobes with Your Own Designer

With a wide range of colours, materials and sleek handles, there’s no doubt your new fitted hinged door wardrobe will truly reflect your unique sense of style. And because our wardrobes are 100% bespoke, you can be sure that they will fit perfectly into your home.

We pride ourselves on our unique soft-closing hinges. These hinges are designed to ensure the durability of the wardrobe. All wardrobe accessories are made with the highest quality materials and mechanisms that are built to stand the test of time.

Our design team can create wardrobes in all sizes, including those that work well in small spaces or around sloping or angled ceilings. Our corner wardrobes or alcove-hinged wardrobes can also help to utilise unused space around corners and chimneys.

We want to give you the best experience from start to finish. The designer will start the process by taking measurements of your space. Based on your interiors, finish and style, as well as your budget, our designers will then create a customised hinged wardrobe solution for you. So, why not book a free design visit today?


More About Fitted Hinged Wardrobes

1. What is a hinged wardrobe door?

Hinged-door wardrobes have flat doors that are fixed to the wardrobe with hinges. These wardrobes are the most cost effective and easiest to maintain.

2. Which is better, a sliding door or a hinged door?

Sliding doors are panels that slide on tracks, whereas a hinged door is fixed to the wardrobe with simple hinges. Before making a choice, it is crucial to consider how simple the wardrobe will be to use, how much service it will require, and whether it will work well in the space.

3. What door styles are available for hinged doors?

Fitted wardrobes with doors hinged come in three styles – mirror doors, glass frame doors, and shakers. You can see all three at our showroom in London.

4. What are the benefits of a bespoke hinged wardrobe?

These wardrobes offer better visibility, which is one of their key benefits. A full view of the interior is visible when the doors of the wardrobe are open. Plus, with custom designs, there are plenty of options for awkward spaces and alcoves.

5. How much do hinged built in wardrobes cost?

This will vary depending on a variety of factors. For one thing, the cost of a hinged door wardrobe will depend on its size. You’ll also need to factor in the quality of the material. The design and style will also affect the total price. On average, a four-door wardrobe costs around £2,500.

Find the Perfect Custom Hinged Door Wardrobes for Your Home

Built in wardrobes with hinged doors are the perfect final touch to your bedroom. Whatever your fitted furniture needs are, you’ll discover the right storage solution for you at Metro Wardrobes. From hinged door wardrobes for your loft space to fitted units in your home office, there’s something for every room and style. Plus, you won’t have long to wait for your order. All our bespoke wardrobes are produced in our London workshop using the latest technology. Your wardrobes will be fully fitted and ready to enjoy just 21 days after you place your order!

We work with only the best suppliers to produce your bespoke wardrobes, so you know you’re receiving designs of the highest quality. And when it comes to expertise, our team is second-to-none. With extensive knowledge of everything from engineering to interior design, your customised designs are in the best hands.

If you’re looking for fitted hinged door wardrobe installers in London, then you’ve come to the right place. Our local team will install your bespoke wardrobe on-site at a time and date of your choosing. They’ll bring the equipment and even clean up the mess – so there’s no mess and no hassle. You’ll have time to give your approval for your made-to-measure fitted wardrobe – then you’ll receive your 10-year guarantee.

North, south, east or west, buying and installing bespoke hinged door wardrobes in London should be simple. With Metro Wardrobes, it absolutely is. From the moment you get in touch with our friendly team, you’ll receive excellent customer service – and the fitted furniture of your dreams.

Request a brochure or visit our London showroom to discover the myriad of styles and designs we offer, or book your free home design visit today.